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Identifying, Preventing, and Removing Termite Infestations

Every year property owners across the country spend more than two billion dollars on treating termite damage, so it cannot be overstated how important it is to be on the lookout for these pests. Adequate termite control relies on the early identification of an infestation, so read on to find out about a few warning signs of infestations and how they can be treated.

Signs of Infestation

Termites spend most of their time in soil, mud tubes, and feeding grounds, so it can be difficult to identify them by sight alone. In fact, most property owners are completely unaware that they even have termites until they come across damage that has already been done. However, examining wood for hollow spots and keeping an eye out for insects that look like ants but have wings that are all roughly the same size and straight antenna can help if inspections are performed on a regular basis.

Preventing Infestations

As with most issues in life, the best treatment is prevention. Termite infestations can be effectively prevented by making buildings less attractive to these pests by covering exposed wood surfaces and leaving ventilation spaces between soil and wood. Property owners should also ensure that no trees, shrubs, or firewood are left near the wood surfaces of the home and that the soil around the foundation is kept consistently dry through adequate drainage.

Termite Treatments

Pest Control specialists have an arsenal of tools at their disposal to treat existing termite infestations. Both chemical treatments and fungus treatments have been demonstrated to be quite successful at killing termites. These treatments can be applied to the soil as a liquid or can be used as bait or directly on building materials. The most commonly used technique for treating infestations is the application of a termiticide to the soil around the home.

Proper Application

Since termiticides are controlled by the EPA, it is essential that they be applied by a qualified pest control company. Hiring a professional isn't just a legal requirement, though; it is also the only way to ensure that the home itself and drinking water wells in the area will not become contaminated and that the treatment will work as intended.

Termiticide Safety

The EPA works to ensure that all termiticides used within the United States meet current safety standards and review pesticide labels to ensure compliance with federal and state labeling laws. Since many termiticides are extremely toxic, it is absolutely essential that any label directions are followed with extreme care. Exterminators receive advanced training on the safe application of these pesticides, which is why they are uniquely posited to perform treatments safely.

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